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Beer Tower – Copper


VAT Excluded

Need change in your life? Why not start with changing the style of your AirBar? All beer towers fit onto all trolleys so you can always choose according to the mood you are in.

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Take your draft where the action is.


Take your draft where
the action is!

mokeg stands for ultra-mobile, fast chilling and great-tasting fresh beer.

Self-contained and on wheels, you simply roll your mokeg AirBar wherever you want and start serving chilled beer!



Innovative technology meets stylish design: mokeg

mokeg AirBar is a top-notch beer dispenser system built-into a stylish designed aircraft trolley.

The trolley being manufactured by hand in Germany with a great love to detail, your AirBar is not only super handy but a great eye-catcher for your home, terrace, showroom or wherever else you want to serve your guests a perfectly drafted and ice-cold beer!


Technology that amazes

mokeg uses the unique FlexiDraft™ hygienic single-use beer line technology, which means the beer is always fresh – no cleaning and no maintenance needed. 

Furthermore, the FlexiDraft™ technology stands for tapping without spilling, so you can enjoy every single drop out of your keg, without wasting your precious gold.

Once your keg is on, your AirBar keeps the beer fresh and tasty for up to 25 days (provided you keep it connected to power).


Fully self-contained system

Not only is your mokeg AirBar super-mobile, it also has everything you need to start serving cool beer right away. The stainless-steel chilling jacket can cool a 20-liter keg in just a couple of hours. And keep it that way for at least 3 hours – unplugged!

More than that, the CO2 bottle is integrated inside the cabinet – you use a regular SodaStream™ bottle which provides you with sufficient CO2 for up to 3 kegs.


Serving draft beer was never that easy (and mobile)

The mokeg AirBar fits regular 20-liter slim kegs as they are widely available for most beer brands in Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

As the kegs are connected with the FlexiDraft™ one-way beer lines and to a regular SodaStream™ CO2 cylinder there are no external hoses or appliances to get in the way or risk tripping over. As promised – your AirBar is ultra-mobile!


Quality is king

Where Germany & Denmark meet, mokeg is the result.

The AirBar trolleys are proudly designed and manufactured by hand in Germany by our partner bordbar. Every piece is unique and enjoys a lot of care during the production process! If you love the trolleys as much as we do, there is much more to be discovered on their website www.bordbar.de.

The FlexiDraft™ system is an innovative draft solution from Denmark. Our partner Micro Matic is a company rich in history and know-how and enjoys a great reputation in the draft beer industry.