We try our best to keep this page up to date, so that you can find all the answers you are looking for. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with our customer service. We are happy to help you!

Purchase & Delivery

Where can I buy mokeg products?

You can buy your mokeg products online in our webshop. If you want to check your AirBar out first and make a test, we are happy to invite you to our showroom in Wemperhardt, Luxembourg  (only possible by appointment). Get in touch with our customer service to arrange a visit!

We are also working on building a reseller network, so that we can serve you in more areas very soon. Take a look at our store locator !

How long does it take for me to receive my AirBar after ordering?

If you place a regular order, your AirBar is ready within 2-3 business days. For personalization (mokeg YOU) expect around 10 working days. In both cases you can choose to come and pick your order up or to have it delivered. For delivery, expect up to 5 additional days to receive your order. Find all details here.

Can I pick the AirBar up instead of having it delivered?

Absolutely! You are welcome to come and visit our showroom and pick-up your order. This is however only possible with prior appointment. For this, please select this option when you place your order and our customer service will be in touch to fix an appointment. The showroom is located in Wemperhardt, Luxembourg. For your convenience, we are currently developing a network of resellers and pick-up stations across Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Stay tuned!

Is the CO2 cylinder included in the order?

No, you will need to purchase one separately if you do not already have one as those cannot be shipped.


What kegs fit into the mokeg AirBar and where can I buy them?

The mokeg AirBar is designed for 20l slim kegs. These are widely available in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, where you can buy them at your favorite drink-center. To know which beer brands are available in 20l kegs, please download our list here. This list is frequently updated – if you discover a beer that is missing, thanks for sharing with us!

Where can I buy FlexiDraft™ beer lines?

You can either buy them online in our webshop or in one of our partner stores.

Which type keg coupler do I need?

Keg couplers work in the same way as the beer lines, they depend on the fitting of the keg and there are differences depending on the brand. In your purchase included are keg couplers and beer lines of Type A and Type S, the most common in BeNeLux. If you would ever need a different one, please reach out to our customer support. To find out which keg coupler or beer line you need, download our list here. If your favorite beer brand is missing, let us know to include it in the list.


What do I need to set-up my mokeg AirBar for the first time?

CO2 cylinder (standard SodaStream™ cylinder), a power outlet and of course…a beer keg. All the rest is included in your order.

What about CO2?

Who says beer from the tap in a professional way, says CO2. One of the greatest things about the FlexiDraft™ system, and thus your mokeg AirBar, is that you simply use a regular SodaStream™ CO2 cylinder as they are available everywhere in Europe. Simply get to your closest SodaStream™ dealer to purchase or refuel your cylinder.

Are there differences in the beer lines?

Yes. 20l slim kegs have different fittings depending on the manufacturer. Keg fittings have a designation with a letter. Most widely spread in BeNeLux are fittings of type A and S. So depending on what beer you buy you might need different beer lines. We created a list with the most known beer brands and what fittings they use for their 20l slim kegs. You can download it here.

What is included in my order? What is not?

If you order a mokeg AirBar, 

a) The following items ARE included: 

  • mokeg AirBar with integrated cooling unit and FlexiDraft™ system
  • 1x keg coupler Type A 
  • 1x keg coupler type S
  • 1x CO2 regulator
  • 3x FlexiDraft™ beer lines Type A 
  • 3x FlexiDraft™ beer lines Type S

b) The following items ARE NOT included and need to be purchased by you: 

  • CO2 cylinder (SodaStream™)
  • Your favorite beer in a 20l slim keg
How much beer can I draft with a full CO2 cylinder?

A full CO2 cylinder is sufficient on average to draft around 50l of beer (2-3 kegs of 20l). Always switch the CO2 off when the AirBar not in use, to avoid eventual leakage.

How long does my beer stay fresh?

Once you started a new keg with your AirBar, it will stay fresh up to 25 days. Only condition is that you keep it connected to power and cooling.